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  • Standard Single Stage Furnace: Furnace operates at 100% capacity until designated temperature is reached.
  • 2-Stage Furnace with Single Speed Blower: Furnace operates at (approx) 70% capacity, more than enough to warm up your home while burning less fuel. Furnace burns until designated temperature is reached. 2 stage furnaces operate more efficiently than a single stage model which can lead to significant savings on fuel cost.
  • 2-Stage Furnace with Variable Speed Blower: Furnace operates at (approx) 70% capacity, more than enough to warm up your home while burning less fuel. Blower ramps up & down gradually helping to maintain nearly an exact temperature.

Heat Pump
  • Heat Pumps will work all year round to keep you comfortable. They operate like an air conditioner in the summer, and in the winter they generate heat.

Air Conditioners
  • Single Stage Air Conditioners: Has one (1) setting which is high. That means when the house gets warm and in some cases humid the a/c unit turns on at 100% capacity. Once the temperature is reached the unit turns off. Eventually the house will then heat up above the set temperature and will repeat its process.
  • 2- Stage Air Conditioners: Has two (2) cooling capacity High (100%) and Medium (67%). In mild temperatures the unit can run at a lower capacity (67%) which can lead to energy savings and less stratification in indoor temperatures. When outdoor temperatures reach more extreme levels, the unit runs at full capacity ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable all day long. 2 stage equipment is always matched with indoor variable speed blowers to add even more comfort. The variable speed blower ramps slowly and runs continuously after the cooling cycle is over. This helps reduce the humidity in your home. Once the set temperature is reached, the a/c unit shuts off until the indoor temperature rises again and the cycle

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